Monier produce a range of coarse aggregates for concrete, asphalt, sealing and drainage purposes and sands for drainage and filter materials in road construction and under concrete slabs and pavers.

In concrete the aggregates and sands are an essential part of the mix, and the mechanical properties of the rock is produced to conform with relevant specifications.  

Sands (fine aggregates) are a critical raw material used in the manufacture of readymix concrete and concrete products.  Having a secure supply of suitable sand is critical for the manufacture of quality
concrete products. This is especially true for Port Moresby where naturally occurring sands of suitable quality for use in certified concrete products is relatively rare.

Monier has invested in and operates a state of the art sand processing plant that provides the functionality to wash and “size” the sand to meet design requirements.  Naturally occurring deleterious materials are washed out while simultaneously screening to size the sand to remove any organics and coarse particles.

  • Concrete production
  • Road surfacing, aggregates are imperative for durable and sustainable road infrastructure.
  • Bedding and drainage
  • Backfill
  • Landscaping

Below are some of the aggregate and sand sizes we produce or can be ordered through Monier;

Coarse Aggregates End Use Compliance
10mm Aggregate

20mm Aggregate

For concrete production, asphalt & sealing aggregate for roads,car parks, bedding and drainage. DoW or NZ / AS standards
Sealing Aggregates End Use Compliance
10mm Sealing Aggregate

14mm Sealing Aggregate

20mm Sealing Aggregate

 For roads, carparks, bedding and drainage.  DoW or NZ / AS standards
Fine Aggregates & Sands End Use Compliance
Fine Sand Bedding sand under concrete slabs, brickies sand, plasterers sand and rendering sand. DoW or NZ / AS standards
Washed Screened River Sand (coarse) For concrete production  DoW or NZ / AS standards
Manufactured Course Sand ‘Man Sand’ For concrete production, general fill, pipe bedding, under slab fill, in the manufacture of blocks and pavers, as a replacement for natural sand. DoW or NZ / AS standards

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