Monier makes a range of standard and architectural or engineered precast concrete products.

Many of the Monier precast concrete elements are manufactured to customer’s specific engineered designs with Monier managing the process from development of shop drawings, fabrication of moulds, development of mix designs to prestressing and casting. Smaller standard precast products are held in stock allowing “off the shelf” purchases.

Monier offers a range of drainage system components to provide cost effective design solutions for the management of stormwater drainage; man holes, box culverts, gully pits etc.

Precast Products Description Uses
Stahlton Beams Prestressed beams, engineered suspended flooring system Flooring
Box Culverts Various sizes 1.2m unit variants spans; 600, 900-3600mm and leg; 150-1800mm 2.4m unit variants possible to manufacture in above sizes, but special lifting equipment hire required. All sizes above 1200mm span require custom design for manufacture. Link and base slabs also available on request. Cast in SwiftLift anchors incorporated into all Box Culverts for easy lifting. Customised culvert designs to suit various applications and site conditions, including extreme loading requirements can be manufactured Storm water management, bridge and platform. Fast installation and suitable for difficult site conditions as installation requires minimal excavation and backfill.
Architectural and Engineered Elements Made to design precast elements with architectural finishes and/or engineer certified structural properties. Flooring, wall and storm water solutions
Manhole and Drainage Components MH surrounds, MH lids, lintel beams, box culverts, gully pits, pit covers, barriers  
Step Treads & Paving slabs Various sizes  
Wash Tubs Double or single laundry tubs, (including fittings)  
Road Barrier System 3m length precast concrete road barrier components. Easy to install. Single or double sided configuration with tapered end units. Simplify temporary or permanent traffic management issues

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