For over 60 years, Monier have been at the leading edge of concrete  technology. Located at 6 Mile and 9 Mile the Monier readymix concrete operations are  ideally situated to service the construction and building industry in  National Capital District (NCD) and Central Province.

Monier produces readymix concrete normal (N) and special (S) grades to Australian Standards and/or engineers / designer’s nominated specifications.

Monier’s capacity to deliver;

  • Three computer controlled readymix concrete batch plants producing quality certified readymix concrete including high strength for structural applications.
    • All three batching plants have a capacity rating of 70m3 per hour and have a combined proven capacity of 1000m3 per day.
    • The 3 batch plants are completely independent of each other providing for 100% obsolescence in the unlikely event of a plant breakdown during a continuous concrete pour.
    • The concrete batching computers allow measurable and traceable addition of admixtures that contribute to control of setting times, pumpability, workability, minimising water content and minimising shrinkage as and when required.
  • A sizeable fleet for delivery; 22 truck mounted agitators provide for high capacity of delivery of readymix concrete to customers sites.
  • Substantial onsite cement and aggregates storage provides mitigation against stock-outs that would otherwise interrupt readymix concrete production and continued delivery to our customers.
  • Large capacity water chilling plant allows temperature controlled concrete to be produced.

With the three concrete batch plants and the substantial fleet of concrete mixers, Monier has been able to deliver concrete pours to a single customer of over 1000m3 in a day, whilst maintaining service to the general market.

Monier operations are integrated allowing control of the supply chain and quality control of raw materials ensuring appropriate standards of quality are maintained.

A disciplined sampling and testing regime is undertaken to determine trends in concrete characteristics and to ensure target strengths and other specified minimum requirements are achieved.

Select from our range of products below, if what you need isn’t listed, please call to discuss your requirements further, this list is only indicative of Monier’s range and capability.

Product Description End Use
STANDARD AS1379 Normal class structural concrete. Available in grades from 5MPa – 40MPa; 10mm or 20mm aggregate size and 80mm or 100mm ‘slump’ All purpose workable concrete for residential and commercial applications e.g. ground slabs, suspended slabs, beams, footing, piers, and driveways.
BLOCKFILL High slump, flowable concrete. Available from 15 – 40MPa; 10mm aggregate size from 160-200mm slump. To fill concrete block walls.
Tremmie High slump, flowable concrete. Available from 25 – 50MPa; 20mm or 10mm aggregate size from 180 – 240mm slump. For all piling applications
HIGH-EARLY High Early Strength concrete at 24 hours, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 7 days. 20mm or 10mm aggregate size and 80-200mm slump. Depending on the application, we can tailor to required specifications. Generally used for precast, or post tension slabs where early strength is required for lifting or stripping to meet production turnaround schedules
HIGH-STRENGTH Available from 50 – 65 MPa structural mix, with a 10mm or 20mm aggregate size and high ‘slump’ flowable concrete. To meet demanding specifications for your projects
LOW SHRINKAGE Specialised admixtures included in mix to achieve minimal shrinkage of 600 microstrains (or below) at 56 days. To meet demanding specifications of your projects
COLOURED CONCRETE Made to project requirements. You advise/provide the colour oxide required and Monier does the mixing ensuring the correct concentration. Special architectural finishes on buildings or pavements.  Lead time on all orders required for importation of appropriate oxides.
KERB MIX Available as 20 -32MPa, 10mm aggregate; designed to be machine placed – extruded or slipformed. Delivered to site for all your infrastructure kerbing requirements
WATERPROOFING Combining waterproofing admixtures into the concrete, this mix is available from 32 – 50MPa. **By Request Only**  and lead time required for importation of appropriate admixture

Monier invests in the capability to develop concrete mixes to suit design engineer’s and customer specific requirements. The independent Monier PNGLAS accredited laboratory undertakes trial mixes to guarantee quality and specification compliance.


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