Monier manufactures a range of reinforced concrete pipes for use in drainage and sewerage applications at our new state of the art vertically cast RCP Plant. The plant has a capacity to produce up to 50 pipes per day on selected size ranges and up to Class 6 pipes. A disciplined testing regime is undertaken ensuring conformance to the relevant Australian Standards.

Pipes are available with either a flush joint or rubber ring joint, ranging from 300mm to 1,800mm diameter, and manufactured in 2.5m lengths. The rubber rings or bands can be provided upon request.

Reinforced Concrete Pipes Diameter Description
Flush Joint Ranges from 225mm – 1800mm 1.22m or 2.44m lengths, in classes 2-4 (X, Y or Z)
Rubber Ring Joint (RRJ) Ranges from 225mm – 1350mm 1.22m or 2.44m lengths, in classes 2-4 (X, Y or Z)
House Posts 150mm  

Rubber ring joint (RRJ) pipes are typically used for concrete pressure pipe applications.

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