Monier Limited was established in Papua New Guinea in 1958 and was purchased in 2005 by Sir Theophilus G. Constantinou. The long-enduring concrete roof tile roofing systems is generally what people now associate with the name Monier.

Monier at work
Monier dates back to 1887, when Joseph Monier exhibited his inventions of iron mesh-reinforced concrete in the Paris Exposition.

That year he was awarded his first patent for reinforced concrete products.

Initially, the invention was used for agricultural purposes. But Monier found new applications for the product and obtained more patents: for reinforced concrete pipes, reinforced concrete panels to be used in building facades, reinforced concrete structural beams, and reinforced concrete bridges.

Monier eventually took out many patents around the world for reinforced concrete products and building systems. Typically, they were valid for only 15 years and it was necessary to pay a significant annual subscription to maintain them.

He opted to sell the rights outside of France to local engineers and designers. The Monier name thus came to be associated with reinforced concrete systems and products around the world. In the 1890s, the German designers and engineers Wayss took out Australian patents on Monier reinforced concrete systems.

The first reinforced arch structures in Australia were built using the Monier reinforced concrete system.

The Monier name was also much used by other companies whose core businesses was in reinforced and/or ready mix concrete products.

In many instances, the only commonality between these businesses was the word Monier in their names. Otherwise, they had little or no direct relationship with each other, and no connection with Joseph Monier, or his family.

From the 1960s on, most Monier businesses and operations were acquired by major industry players. When operations were integrated, the Monier name disappeared, replaced by other brand names.