Our delivery of quality products is undertaken through our continuous improvement methods in safety, conformance and risk management, our attention to detail, our collaborative culture and ensuring our modern international methods are adopted and sustained.

In April 2019, Monier achieved 3rd party certification of its Quality, Environmental and Safety management systems against International Standards: 

* AS/NZS ISO9001:2016
* AS/NZS ISO14001:2016
* AS/NZS ISO45001:2018

In doing so, Monier became the first and only organisation in Papua New Guinea to achieve certification across all three standards. In addition to our certifications, we build to Department of works (DOW) and the National Airport Corporation (NAC) quality and any project specific specifications that are requested. 

Similarly, it is the only organisation, across all industry sectors within PNG, to achieve certification against the new Safety Management System standard AS/NZS ISO45001:2018.

Monier’s 3rd party certifications coupled with a ‘whole-of-business’ philosophy to industry and world’s best practice across the entire organisation ensures that everything we do and deliver to our customers is of the highest standard. Indeed, our independently certified management systems gives assurance to all our stakeholders that all processes, products and services delivered by Monier are of the highest order.  

Eliminating and/or mitigating risks, be they quality, environmental or safety, is the predominant driver for Monier in maintaining its independently certified management systems. Monier’s sincere and deep-seated commitment to its staff, its customers and the wider community is exemplified by the adoption and continuous improvement of these systems.