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Construction Sand

Monier produces high quality and consistent supply of sand, suitable for both small and large projects.


Monier Sands produces high quality and consistent sand for all scales of projects, this is achieved by a number of reliable natural river sand deposits in Papua New Guinea and our state of the art sand washing and screening plant. All batches undergo an extensive quality control testing regime, ensuring conforming products for every projects. Monier Sands can also customise our sand products to meet client and project specifications locally in Papua New Guinea and internationally

Types of sands

We produce two types of high quality construction sands for a range of various applications including:

  • Concrete 
  • Asphalt
  • Masonry sand for blocks, pavers and mortar
  • Grout sand
  • Pavers  
Fine Sand
Our sands are screen well graded fine to medium grain particle distribution. 100% passing 2.36mm sieve and with up to 10% passing 75 micron sieve. 

Coarse Sand

Washed/screened well graded sand medium to coarse sized grain particle distribution. 100% passing 4.75mm sieve with minimal passing 75micron sieve <5%. 

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