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Masonry Products

Monier manufactures a range of concrete blocks and pavers with consistent appearance, dimension and quality, allowing for faster and more accurate placement and laying.

Monier produces concrete masonry products from our facility at Rouna Quarries,
9 Mile in the National Capital District of Port Moresby.

The standard range includes all masonry products generally used in construction of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Monier has the capability to manufacture masonry blocks and pavers with a variety of textured faces in a variety of colours.

With a clear focus on quality, our block and paver facility manufactures dimensionally accurate units that ensure
our customers faster laying time and savings.

Masonry products are sampled from production runs and tested in compliance with the Monier QC system. Unless otherwise requested, all masonry products are palletised and customers can prearrange delivery utilising Monier’s fleet of delivery vehicles. Refunds are offered for pallets returned in good condition.


  • 100mm (4”) Blocks – Standard, Solid, Livestock Block – (Piggery Grate).
  • 150mm (6”) Blocks – Standard, Channel, Clean Out, Split Rib.
  • 200mm (8”) Blocks – Standard, Bond Beam, Deep Lintel, Knockout, Full and Half Height Sill, Channel, Clean Out, Knock Out-Clean Out, Biscuitless, Hollow, H Block, Half Height Standard, Inspection Cap.
  • 300mm (10”) Blocks – Channel Square (cube), Half.
  • Interlocking Pave – Coloured and plain.
  • Square Pavers – Coloured and plain.

Download our Technical Specifications – Masonry Products (PDF)

Download Technical Specifications for our IP80 interlocking pavers.