Precast products
Precast products

Monier produces a range of standard and architectural or engineered precast concrete products.

Monier owns and operates Precast facilities at Rouna Quarries 9 Mile in the National Capital District and has the capability to provide a full range of Precast and Prestressed Concrete Elements.

Engineered designs or special customer requirements can be manufactured as high quality products that can be relied on with confidence.

Many of the Monier precast concrete elements are manufactured to customer’s specific engineered designs with Monier managing the process from development of shop drawings, fabrication of moulds, development of mix designs to prestressing and casting. Smaller standard precast products are held in stock allowing “off the shelf” purchases.

Monier offers a range of drainage system components to provide cost effective design solutions for the management of stormwater drainage; manholes, box culverts, gully pits etc.


  • Architectural and engineered elements
  • Stahlton engineered flooring system
  • Manhole Top Heavy Lid 1, Surround Lid 2, Manhole Lid 3, lintel beams, box culverts, gully pits and barriers
  • Step treads and others