Quarry produxts
Quarry products

Monier operates a high capacity hard rock quarry producing varying size aggregates for readymix concrete, asphalt and road sealing as well as various grades of high quality roadbase materials.

Monier Quarry is a leading aggregates producer supplying aggregates to large Civil construction, Asphalt, Concrete suppliers, as well as smaller projects such as residential landscaping.

We strive to provide quality, costefficiency, and sustainability in all we do, and our aggregates and production techniques are no exception. Along with a complete product selection, Monier Quarry offers services including product transport delivery, technical support and specialist industry expertise.

All specified quarry products are quality controlled to comply with relevant standards and codes, eg. Australian Standards (AS) for concrete and asphalt aggregates and Department of Works (DoW) specifications for roadbase materials and sealing aggregates.

Ideally located in the National Capital District of PNG and conveniently close to Port Moresby,
Monier’s Nebiri Quarry has a proven capacity to produce in excess of 1 million tonnes of quarry products
per annum.

Regular sampling and testing is undertaken across the product range and test results certified to provide customers with confidence that the quarry products are compliant with the relevant specification and standards.



  • High volume capacity crushing plants provide the flexibility to produce a varying range of products
  • Monier holds stockpiles of a range of standard products
  • A Nirox Trommel for larger rock processing and sizing
  • A substantial fleet of mobile tracked plant and equipment
    • Mobile track crushing equipment provides flexibility to produce alternative products
    • Large modern fleet of earth moving equipment to ensure peak production capacity

Quarry products

Monier produces a range of coarse aggregates for concrete, asphalt, sealing and drainage purposes and sands for drainage and filter materials in road construction and under concrete slabs and pavers.

In concrete the aggregates and sands are an essential part of the mix, and the mechanical properties of the rock is produced to conform with relevant specifications.  

Sands (fine aggregates) are a critical raw material used in the manufacture of readymix concrete and concrete products.  Having a secure supply of suitable sand is critical for the manufacture of quality concrete products. This is especially true for Port Moresby where naturally occurring sands of suitable quality for use in certified concrete products is relatively rare.

Monier has invested in and operates a state of the art sand processing plant that provides the functionality to wash and “size” the sand to meet design requirements.  Naturally occurring deleterious materials are washed out while simultaneously screening to size the sand to remove any organics and coarse particles.

Roadbase such as sub-base and basecourse materials are used in road construction and under paved areas.  Roadbase materials can be delivered or collected from the quarry.

Fill materials are generally used to raise and level land, build up road shoulders and for remediation work.

Monier produce the following roadbase and fill materials listed in the table below;

Large material is most often used in rock wall construction for domestic or commercial purposes.

Monier produce the large rock products listed in the table below;